Occupy Wall Street’s “Open Forum”

In New York City the big story is “Occupy Wall Street;” and so, with camera in hand, I decided to take a look for myself.

I still wonder, other than frustration over the current economic condition, what exactly does this protest movement advocate?

www.Occupywallstreet.org serves as an open forum of sorts in which organizers present their ideas; and critics and supporters can freely respond with their own comments, often in a disarmingly uncensored way.

Here are several of the comments of both supporters and detractors of “The Occupation.”


I’m a small business owner and employ 4 people, at or slightly above minimum wage. If you raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour then you put my four employees out of a job, and me out of a job as well.

Remember, you also increase unemployment by hundreds of thousands with your whim of banning private insurers.

You do not represent 99% of anything.


So you can only make a go of it by paying slave wages? You have no problem with the taxpayer paying for their food stamps it would appear. Go out of business you exploitive piece of s#@%.

Small businessmen just dream of being big businessmen and disingenuously try to distinguish themselves. Your capital should be seized and given to your employees. Perhaps they can start a co-op doing the same tasks they were doing realizing the profit for themselves.

–     –      –     –


um…I’m pretty sure that 99% of America isn’t socialist.

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The bankers! Confiscate the wealth they have stolen from student loans!


Well, no one forced you to go to college. The reason we are in this mess is because it’s beaten into your head from day 1 that you have to go to college. But what happens when more people get a college degree for a job market that can’t handle that many applicants? You get high unemployment from that generation who cannot pay back the loans they needed for the school they were told they needed in order to get a job.


Stolen? Can you prove that a banker, any banker, has violated the law?  In what way did they steal, and from whom?

–     –     –     –


Where are these trillions of dollars going to come from? How will companies all be able to afford $20/hr wages? It sounds like this movement wants to abolish the idea of currency in general and just make everything free for everyone ever. This cannot possibly work.

Also, I see that you resort to deleting comments that you don’t like. Keep living in a fantasy world where any of this is a good idea and no one disagrees.

–     –     –     –


Are you a drone? Can you not see what is happening in this country? Go back to your corporate zombie box.


–     –     –    –

And now for one more comment, and this one is my own:  I believe that Occupy Wall Street got it 99% right, except they’re missing 1%. Intentionally trying to foment class warfare is foolish, and goes against the interest of 100% of us.  Also, trying to create a new form of direct democracy is in severe opposition to the wise and sound principles which have led this nation through its entire history.  While I believe most of the protesters are curious to see what is going on, those who are leading the pack know full well where their revolutionary road leads, and it is not utopia.