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    Welcome to my blog

My good friend (and musician) Ben Kniaz introduced me to Andy Statman’s “Songs of Our Fathers” during our “Thomas More College” days.  How lucky to be invited to Andy’s performance tonight by Herman, the man keeping the Charles Street Synagogue open for worship and good music!

Here is a link to Songs of Our Fathers on Amazon:


And a link to Andy Statman’s website:


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New York Rangers: The #1 Team.

Today, the New York Rangers are #1 in the Eastern Conference.  I have only been on ice skates once so for me to label myself a die-hard fan would be a huge over statement.  As for rules of the game I know that the team that gets the most goals wins; and don’t bother asking me about statistics or players’ names either.  But to step into Madison Square Garden and watch the Rangers play is hard-core.  I bet that Rangers fans and those watching the Gladiators battling it out in the Coliseum of Ancient Rome have the same electric shock of energy running through their veins.

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In Remembrance of Our War Dead.

In Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station there is a sculpting of an angel lifting up the body of a dead man.  During my freshman year at Villanova I passed it numerous times, in awe at the craftsmanship.  Only yesterday did I read the engraving at its base: “In Memory of the Men and Women of the Pennsylvania Railroad who Laid Down their Lives for Our Country, 1941-1945.”

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© George Goss Photography, 2012

How a Connecticut farm-boy like me ended up in a city like New York I may never know, but what a treasure to live on West 4th Street.  A step outside is like stepping out onto the stage, there are always new characters ready to perform!

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Kosovo’s Independence Day Rally. Times Square, NYC. February 17th, 2008.

On this day, four years ago, the United Nations recognized Kosovo’s independence from Serbia.  As is often the case in New York City I just happened upon the Independence Day celebrations.

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