Confessions of a Failed Activist


“I am not equipped with the biological knowledge of a woman so I can’t say that it is the wrong thing to do.  It is a woman’s choice.”

“You are wrong,” I fired back viscerally at my friend.  The words were hardly out of my mouth when I realized that merely bringing up the issue of abortion was the emotional equivalent of pouring a gallon of gasoline on an open flame.

For sure there is a reason I fail miserably when I try my hand at debate; which is why I wonder if I should even be involved in talking about abortion at all.

Yet, over the summer I had the personal honor of meeting Hope, a beautiful infant girl.

Her parents are both full-fledged members of the Communist Party so going to the Planned Parenthood “clinic” to abort seemed the logical and “sane” thing to do.

They already have one child and becoming pregnant during a brief stay in the United States had the potential to ruin their lives in China.  He has a good job, and to flagrantly violate the law could spell the end of his career, if not worse.

However, on that day there was a woman on the sidewalk.  She told them that there was another option, another choice.  And they were brave enough to “choose life.”

I was not there to help, and to my knowledge I have never been the voice to convince a woman considering abortion to realize that she is carrying a human person.  My hope is that I will never stop trying.

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